Vision-to-Action Health Coach
Virtual Weekend Retreat


  • Do you feel you have many of the pieces to the puzzle for your thriving business right in front of you but still not able to get the traction you need?
  • Are you wondering why you’ve invested in courses before, gotten the information but somehow you’re still unclear about your niche, your promised transformation and still stumble over your 30-second intro?
  • Are you finding you’re not taking the consistent action you know you should, and not getting results you require?
  • Is there a pressing need to have cash flow coming in now?


One of the most efficient ways to get a steady flow of potential clients coming your way is through developing trusted strategic partnerships, but it can be overwhelming. 

In order to even get started you’ve got to be clear on your ideal client, what their greatest pains are, what the transformation is they’ll get from working with you and what your process is. Most importantly you’ll need to be able to communicate that clearly and with confidence.  That means having a 30-second introduction that is authentically you and marketing materials that support a professional, successful practice.

How would you like to have that all created in just one weekend?

We’ve developed this intensive weekend to take all the good work you’ve done in previous classes and with focused effort and a proven step-by-step process to put it all into action.  Be clear on who you are, what you offer and what your next steps are in creating the business of your dreams.

After this deep-dive weekend you will:

  • Know your gifts and signature strengths, have a written vision for your business, be clear on your niche, concisely describe your transformation and have all your copy ready for your flyer
  • Have 5 key photos that represent the heart of your business
  • Write your bio
  • Create your 30-second commercial that is authentically you (it even chokes you up a bit just thinking about it) – and have practiced it multiple times before the group until you feel confident delivering it at networking groups or as a one-on-one introduction with potential partners you meet
  • Be aware of the top mental barriers to moving forward in your business and have skills to break through
  • Be clear on your numbers – know what your target monthly income is, how many individual and/or group clients that is, and how many prospecting conversations you’ll have to have each week
  • Have greater confidence to go out and attract clients immediately
  • Write a business action plan for the next three months


Our promise:  The group will be kept to 6 – 8 people to ensure you get maximum time to focus on your message during our roundtable practice times.  You’ll also receive one half-hour coaching session each day (Saturday & Sunday) to make sure you have all the tools you need to move forward rapidly.





Dates to be set as a group but includes an hour and a half the first night as a visioning evening, followed by two full days.  This could be a Wednesday night with full days on Thursday & Friday – OR — Friday night with full days on Saturday & Sunday.

Night 1 – Intention/Visioning: 7 – 8:30 pm EST /5 – 6:30 pm MST

  • Setting the Stage for Success / Visioning Your Ideal Practice

Full Day 1 – Intensive: 9 am – 5 pm EST / 7 am – 3 pm MST

  • Getting clear on your core values, signature strengths, vision, ideal clients, transformational promise and knowing your numbers

Full Day 2 – Intensive: 9 am – 3 pm EST / 7 am – 1 pm MST

  • Practicing your 30-second intro, writing your bio, selecting your photos of transformation, Q&A, moving into action


  • Hand-outs, outlines, samples & resources
  • Facebook page for interaction during and after the class
  • A review of your website, flyers and business cards for consistent branding
  • A 30-min 1:1 each day (Saturday & Sunday)